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Success at the Ichihara Biomass Power Plant

06 Jul 2023

Last week, our SVP Karsten Valsted Larsen and PD Morten Svanekjær had an exciting visit to the Ichihara Biomass Power Plant to attend the quarterly Steering Committee Meeting with the owners.
We are thrilled to share that the owners expressed their great satisfaction with our collaboration and their unwavering confidence in our O&M team at site, that works hard to ensure the reliable and steady performance of the Ichihara plant.

Thanks to our well-prepared local management and their crew, the plant is in impeccable condition and our team is highly equipped to overcome any technical challenges that may arise in operating a power plant of this nature.
At BWSC, we remain dedicated to delivering excellence in power plant operations. To learn more about our reliable O&M solutions, visit our O&M pages here and here.

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