Renewables Integration

Our hybrid power plant solutions ensure energy supply security, maximize renewable energy output and reduce the operational costs of your facilities.

Due to the rapid decline in the costs of technologies such as solar PV panels and wind turbines, renewables are increasingly competitive with diesel-, gas- and biomass-fueled baseload power plants. 

However, to meet demand, a reliable base load source when natural elements are not favorable for energy production is necessary—for example, through conventional fuels such as diesel, gas, and e-fuels in the future.

Hybrid power plants are an essential progression towards cleaner, more efficient, and affordable low-carbon power generation solutions. 

They ensure a high degree of flexibility through additional power generation sources that can cater to the variability of renewable energy with fast ramping capabilities to handle peaks and falls in energy supply and demand.

At BWSC, we seek to design and implement the right solution for your challenges and can deliver on- and off-grid hybrid solutions. 

Our on-grid solutions consist of grid-connected hybrid power plants for power export. Furthermore, we also offer off-grid hybrid solutions for remote applications, where reliable and affordable power is necessary to improve energy security and save fuel costs on existing plants.

We evaluate technologies and systems using state-of-the-art modelling tools and conduct electrical stability analysis. In addition, we design and implement intelligent control systems to support the retrofitting or extension of your plant or facility.

BWSC offerings in brief

Sizing of facilities and technology evaluationElectrical stability analysisDesign of intelligent control system
Optimal sizing of the hybrid plant, including conventional Genset (new/ old), renewables and storage

Provide a complete picture of plant costs from investment (CAPEX) to lifetime OPEX

Design systems for the lowest possible levelized cost of energy (LCOE)
Simulations for improving response in case of fault events and instability

Tuning of controllers and protection devices

Optimal placement and sizing of BESS on the grid

Ensuring real-time reliable power production and minimizing total power production cost

Custom control system solution to fit your specific needs

Grid analysis

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