Projects: Engineering & Installation

When building energy facilities, it makes sense to hire BWSC.

Our unique position in the marketplace as an independent lifecycle solutions provider means we possess the knowledge, talent and experience to deliver upon your ambitions, whether in:

  • Engineering
  • Erection and installation
  • Test and commissioning
  • Project management services.

At BWSC, we help our customers plan and deliver quality energy projects within their deadline, on budget and with minimum risk.

Complex energy facilities are subject to multiple risks, such as budgetary security, project timelines and various interfaces for execution.

However, when collaborating with BWSC, we seek to support our customers to realise their aims, including the transition to greener energy sources.

We offer lifecycle solutions across the following:

Project management – we ensure ownership of the process for our customers and bring their aspirations to life by:

  • Management of engineering, installation and commissioning activities
  • Procurement, logistics and transportation

Engineering – managed by our in-house electrical and mechanical engineering specialists:

  • Plant and system design
  • Plant upgrade and conversion design
  • Automation design
  • Plant integration

Installation – brownfield and greenfield installations of:

  • Conventional and emerging technologies, from diesel engines to water electrolysers for green hydrogen production
  • Plant components and systems such as lube-oil coolers, separators and water treatment systems
  • Distributed Control Systems (DCS)
  • Complete plants

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