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Successful annual outage at the Ichihara Biomass Power Plant

30 Nov 2023

Looking back on a successful annual outage at the Ichihara Biomass Power Plant, there were some unique moments.

Mornings started right – a dynamic synergy unfolded as our dedicated contractors and O&M team gathered for insightful tool-box-talks, fostering a culture of collaboration and safety. What made these mornings even more memorable was the incorporation of a cherished, century-old tradition – the Japanese morning exercise, Radio Taiso, that energized teams and prepared them for the day ahead.

Not only does this show operational excellence; it also showcases Ichihara’s unwavering work ethic, robust Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) culture, and long-standing traditions.

Operating in all corners of the world, we value not just meeting the highest standards of performance, but also embracing the rich heritage and practices that make each of these places special.

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