For BWSC, socially responsible behavior includes complying with regional and international laws and regulations, observing human and labour rights, protecting the health and safety of our employees and business partners, promoting a diverse and inclusive workforce and ensuring employee engagement. We also take an active role in community engagement in the areas surrounding our operation sites. Our achievements and goals within each area are updated every year in our annual report.

Human and labour rights

We act with a clear commitment to respect and protect human rights as a fundamental and general requirement both internally and towards all business associates. This includes initiatives as reported in the UK Modern Slavery Act. We commit to equal opportunity and non-discrimination as well as observance of a work environment free from harassment and bullying. We expect all business associates to commit to these values when choosing to work with BWSC.

BWSC actively follows the policy developments regarding corporate sustainability and due diligence at the EU level, and we will take adequate action to ensure compliance and best practise in our implementation. We continue to support collective action efforts and initiatives to promote a level playing field and ensure that all actors in the value chain act responsibly and are held accountable.

Health and safety

We work with commitment to protect the health and safety of our workforce. By prioritising our employees’ well-being, we can ensure the safety of our teams whilst improving our efficiency and performance. Power plants where operation and maintenance occur demand vigilance and adherence to safety procedures to prevent severe or fatal injuries. Our site managers guarantee compliance regarding quality, health, safety and environment (QHSE) regulations. We operate in diverse regions, such as Northern Europe, West Africa, and the Caribbean and we are proud of our lost time injury frequency (LTIF) of 1.9 (2022) – among the lowest in the industry.

Diversity and inclusion

We recognize the value of a diverse workforce, and we take action to increase and safeguard diversity and enhance inclusion by measuring on diversity KPIs (gender, age, nationality, experience), by focusing on diversity in recruitment and by focusing on staff engagement and acting on what we learn from staff surveys.

Employee engagement

To maintain and develop the skills of our employees and to stay at the forefront of market and technological developments, BWSC places great emphasis on employee education. We also endeavour to ensure the well- being of our employees and their families and provide employees with opportunities to socialise in different contexts. We work to secure a balance between work and family, and we respect local traditions and needs.

Community engagement and social impact

We are actively involved in local communities – from providing small funds for educational, health and environmental projects to enhancing local water supply and providing education to local students.

In 2022 we have initiated several activities at the Rabai power plant (RPL) in Kenya. Amongst other activities we have dedicated a water supply pipe to the nearby community to help improve water supply to neighbors. We have also donated water tanks to be placed along the supply line to help boost water supply to other areas not directly neighboring the plant. In total RPL has sponsored secondary education for 71 students since 2012 with at least six students each year.

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