The BWSC History Timeline

A story more than 100 years old …

2022 Entering Power-to-Hydrogen


Entering Power-to-Hydrogen

Two first contracts awarded within engineering and installation of green hydrogen facilities in Denmark

2022 Establishing a presence in the UK


Establishing a presence in the UK

BWSC inaugurates its first UK boiler service office, marking the beginning of BWSC UK

2021 Green energy unit


Green energy unit

A new strategy was put in place to focus on green energy solutions, by offering services in Power-to-X, carbon capture and energy storage

2015 BWSC Panama founded


BWSC Panama founded

Our shop is fully equipped with certified manpower, tools and equipment, offering services in Panama and within all the American region

2006 BWSC & biomass


BWSC & biomass

BWSC is awarded its first turnkey contract on the first biomass power plant in Wales, marking the beginning of our strong presence in the UK

1994 The beginning of O&M


The beginning of O&M

This marks our first O&M contract. Since then, we have operated more than 3800 MW equipment worldwide

1990 BWSC is acquired


BWSC is acquired

Japan’s Mitsui E&S Holdings Co., Ltd. (MES) acquires BWSC. Prior to 1990, BWSC and MES had collaborated on several projects

1989 Entering biogas sector


Entering biogas sector

BWSC appointed to Biogas Task Force by EA. In 1991 BWSC got its first contract (Lemvig), by then the largest biogas plant in Denmark

1980 BWSC is created


BWSC is created

BWSC established and sold to Sweden’s Götaverken shipyard

1977 B&W Contractor


B&W Contractor

Contractor division established to focus on stationary engine plants

1904 The diesel revolution


The diesel revolution

The company starts building and installing diesel engines

1872 BWSCs industrial roots


BWSCs industrial roots

Burmeister & Wain founded with roots stretching back to 1843

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