Upgrades & Lifetime Extensions

Optimize your power plant

Our priority at BWSC is to facilitate improvements to your plants’ operation, financial and emissions performance via upgrades and life extension work.

Unfortunately, ageing plants are prone to higher emissions, reduced reliability, breakdowns and higher OPEX that can affect many significant plant sections, from waste heat recovery systems to engines and water handling systems.

To ensure the availability and reliability of your plant and its compliance with local and global regulations, BWSC utilises modern technological solutions and the retrofitting of existing plant equipment to meet your specific needs.

There are several advantages to upgrading your plant:

  • Improved plant revenue – due to waste heat recovery
  • Reduction in emissions – due to the replacement of obsolete equipment & waste heat recovery
  • Higher reliability – due to the implementation of contemporary technology
  • Compliance with the latest environmental legislation

Building on our decades of experience in supplying lifecycle solutions, BWSC possesses the technical and organisational expertise to deliver complete packages for your power plant’s upgrade, repair, and rehabilitation.

We evaluate the viability of prospective upgrade projects through the:

  • Technical plant surveys and assessments
  • Budgetary evaluation
  • Feasibility studies

BWSC delivers a broad range of upgrades, lifetime extensions and rehabilitation measures in partial or total:

Complete rehabilitation, equipment repair and test & commissioning measuresRetrofitUpgrades, lifetime extensions or replacement
Plant breakdown
Fires & flooding
Mature, run-down plants
Emergency services
Waste heat recovery systems for power, heating, cooling and desalination
Emission abatement
Conversions for engines & auxiliary equipment
Oily water & sludge handling systems
Boiler wash water effluent systems
Plant control systems – DCS and SCADA
Obsolete electrical equipment
Oil separators
Cooling systems
Variable speed converts

Damage assessment & repair services

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Performance optimization for diesel power plants

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Reduce the Environmental Impacts of Your Diesel Power Plant

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Selected References

Power Plant Refurbishment, Grand Bahama

Facility: Peel Street Power Station

Fuel type: HFO

Capacity: 43MWe

Cause: Hurricane and flooding

Scope: Damage assessment, cost estimates, repair, and refurbishment including test & commissioning and performance tests until the power generation was fully restored

Completion: 2022

Power Plant Refurbishment, Caribbean

Fuel type: HFO

Capacity: 32MWe

Cause: Major fire

Scope: Damage assessment, cost estimation and plan for refurbishment, assisting client in discussions with insurance/loss adjusters, procurement, shipment, installation, test and commissioning

Completion: 2021

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