Operation & Maintenance

BWSC is a leading O&M Contractor for boiler-based biomass and waste plants, liquid- and gas engine plants and we are more than ready to include plants of the future energy sector.      

Whether you are a financial investor, developer, owner, or other partner, BWSC should be your first call when looking for a proven contractor with a dedicated and highly experienced team to operate and maintain your energy plant.

When you choose BWSC, you get:

  • Competitive OPEX
  • Predictable lifetime costs
  • Ongoing plant optimisation
  • Fixed Fee structure and guaranteed performance
  • Mitigation of operating risks
  • Sustained asset value through best practice
  • HSE and ISO certified operation and maintenance
  • Maximum return on investment (ROI)
  • Bankable contracts

Our success is owed to decades of worldwide experience and by listening to our customers and understanding their requirements.

Tailor-made solutions  

From the very beginning of any cooperation, we spend valuable hours identifying the optimal solution for your plant through long-term O&M agreements, where we are with you every step of the way:

  • Project development, plant design and construction
  • Mobilisation & training of staff during commissioning
  • Turnkey Operation & Maintenance
  • Technical specialist assistance
  • Spare parts and plant consumables
  • Plant optimization and upgrades
  • Access to our wide network of OEMs

We partner with local authorities and communities at all our sites. Using local skills and expertise can help contribute to regional growth and prosperity and ensure our customers receive stellar service.

Safeguarding your plant

Successfully operating a power plant is a 24/7 task. As a plant owner or investor, you anticipate and expect smooth, continuous operation with high levels of availability and reliability. But no matter how well prepared, issues will inevitably arise, and it is imperative to have experienced and dedicated people at hand, ready to find solutions so no time is wasted. We provide O&M services around the clock to protect your investment and secure the plant’s availability, not only by the plant staff but also by the technical support teams in the head office.

Working together

To achieve results, BWSC relies on cooperation and teamwork with our main equipment suppliers, local service providers and most importantly our customers. Customers and suppliers are our partners, and we are in this together, with mutually agreed targets and success criteria. This is the backbone of the BWSC philosophy.

Enabling the right people to make the right decisions

We believe that, when possible, power plant decisions should be made locally and not only behind a desk at headquarters. Our well-trained and local employees make this possible. We empower them with full responsibility, enable them to take action and solve issues wherever they are stationed.

Only results count

We guarantee a high and stable availability on your plant, and we keep our promises.  We work hard to safeguard our reputation, and we are proud to say that our operation and maintenance staff has earned the respect of power plant owners and the industry worldwide.

Your Power Partner in Africa

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Selected References

O&M, United Kingdom

Facility: Hooton Bio Power

Client: AVIVA Investors

Facility type: Waste-fired

Capacity: 24MWe

Scope: Turnkey O&M

Commenced: 2022

Contract duration: 15 years

O&M, Benin

Facility: Maria Gléta

Client: State-owned

Facility type: Dual-fuel engine-driven

Capacity: 120MWe

Scope: Turnkey O&M

Commenced: 2019

Contract duration: 10 years

O&M, Japan

Facility: Ichihara Biomass Power Plant

Client: Japanese trading house Itochu, domestic gas retailer Osaka Gas and Mitsui E&S

Facility type: Pellets and PKS fired

Capacity: 49.9 MWe

Scope: Turnkey O&M

Commenced: 2020

Contract duration: 20 years

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