Green Hydrogen Solutions

To meet the ambitions of the Paris Climate Agreement to limit global temperatures to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels, the decarbonisation of industrial sectors is urgent.

However, across fertiliser production, shipping, aviation, chemicals, iron and steel production, reducing the CO2 emissions of these sectors is proving a challenge due to the limitations of available technology today or the costly nature of available solutions.

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Today, most hydrogen production relies upon carbon-intensive fossil fuels. However, to achieve significant CO2 emission reductions, green hydrogen production will have to be scaled up to deliver upon its potential as an energy carrier and produce the feedstock necessary for decarbonisation.

Thus, green hydrogen plants are the missing link in the value chain to satisfy the demand for green feedstock and support the energy transition.

A typical green hydrogen plant (or Power-to-Hydrogen) consists of the following:

  • Renewable power technology such as solar PV panels
  • Water electrolysis plant uses electrolyser technology such as alkaline or proton exchange membrane (PEM)
  • Balance of plant equipment to support the conversion of green electricity to green hydrogen and ensure its safe purification, transport and storage

Power-to-Hydrogen plants require seamless integration across several systems, from the power supply and conversion to hydrogen production, storage and possible additional conversion steps.

Our vast experience with complex electrical, mechanical, process and control systems within power plant infrastructure means we are well-placed to support your endeavours.

As a technology integrator, BWSC handles all site installation, including the engineering and installation of critical connections, power source and utility connections, and general project management.

We also offer assistance with sales services and maintenance throughout the plant’s entire lifecycle.

We are excited to discuss your project ideas and utilise our expertise in engineering and project execution to find a personalised solution in partnership with a range of technology suppliers.

Green Hydrogen Solutions

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Green Energy Solutions

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Selected References

Power-to-Hydrogen, Denmark

Client: Green Hydrogen Systems A/S

Location: GreenLab Skive Circular Industial Park

Capacity: 6MW

Scope: Balance of plant engineering, utilities connections, material supplies and installation works

Expected completion: 2023

Power-to-Hydrogen, Denmark

Client: Andel Energi A/S

Location: Glansager Biogas facility

Capacity: 9MW

Scope: Balance of plant engineering, material supplies and installation works

Expected completion: 2023

Power-to-X consultancy, Denmark

Client: Liquid Wind AB

Project type: Power-to-Methanol

Keynote: Renewable methanol to market at scale

Completion: 2022

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