For BWSC, environmentally responsible behavior includes complying with regional and international environmental laws and regulations, minimizing our own impact on the climate, acting on environmental opportunities, and protecting our natural resources.

Minimizing our impact on the climate

We recognize the urgency of the climate change agenda and champion the role we have to play in de-carbonizing the economy for a greener, more sustainable future. Our focus is on minimizing the carbon emissions within our own operations, while evolving our methodologies for minimizing emissions within the value chain of the services that we provide.

We currently monitor and report our energy use and carbon emissions linked to our use of office buildings, subsidiaries, construction sites and business-related air travel. In 2022 we commenced a journey of evolving our climate accounting principles and have accelerated our focus on impacts of our operations and throughout our value chain. Identifying stakeholder interests and perspectives and screening our value chain in accordance with Green House Gas protocol criteria, we have set a frame for our climate reporting ambitions going forward. Improvements, targets and reporting will be updated each year in our annual report.

Acting on environmental opportunities

In accordance with our business strategy “Ever better energy” we aim to minimize carbon emission by acting on environmental opportunities in the market and providing carbon reducing solutions and services for power plants and green energy facilities worldwide.

We have been part of the renewable energy transition for many years through building, operating and servicing biomass, biogas and waste to energy plants. In 2022 we expanded our portfolio with two green hydrogen projects, harvesting on our experience of working with new and many different technologies and technology providers. In 2023 we are commited to further enhancing our renewable business revenue target with more biomass, waste to energy and Green Hydrogen projects – as our strategic response to the ongoing transformation of the energy market.

Protecting our natural resources


Water as a resource is key within our operations. We take an active role in minimizing water use at the sites that we operate. Water is used and consumed in power plants for auxiliary processes, such as cooling, fuel treatment, steam production and emission control technologies, as well as for washing and sanitary purposes. In plants utilizing a steam turbine cycle, it is also used as a process medium. In 2022 BWSC operated 14 power plants and while the plants are built to optimize water use, we also take an active role in helping owners minimize use of water through continuous focus on and recommendations on water-saving technologies throughout all operations.

We always ensure that the quality of our waste water returned to utilities at the sites that we operate adhere to all environmental standards, through continuous and diligent controls.


BWSC makes continuous efforts to reduce waste volumes, by optimizing operation processes to improve resource management. All material fractions are evaluated for possible internal or external use, and alternatively, where recycling is not possible, authorized disposal is made. In all cases, the material is transported and processed by authorized contractors to ensure it is handled in an efficient, safe and compliant manner.

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