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Going the extra mile for you

23 May 2024

At BWSC, we’re committed to going the extra mile to find solutions for our customers. Our extensive track record worldwide has allowed us to build a network of dedicated partners who we collaborate closely with, making it possible for us to successfully meet the needs of our clients.

Recently, a client in the Caribbean experienced an engine failure in one of their units, requiring urgent spare parts. Yet, the OEMs couldn’t deliver within the next 3 months, posing a significant challenge.

Leveraging our strong network, we reached out to another client in Europe with the same engine type. Fortunately, they had the needed parts in stock and were willing to lend them to our client in need.

The parts are now making their way to the Caribbean, and the client is expected to be up and running just within a couple of weeks instead of the projected 3 months.

This example highlights our dedication to finding solutions for our customers and the strength of our global partnerships. At BWSC, we always do what we can to ensure our clients’ success.

To learn more about the solutions we provide, please visit our field service page found here.

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