Electrical Services

Electrical services are in BWSC’s DNA.

With over 40 years of experience with power plant infrastructure, at BWSC, we support your plant through upgrades, lifetime extensions, repairs and troubleshooting on all electrical equipment and systems.

Power plants are built to be robust and have a lifetime of 20 years. However, that does not mean operational problems or equipment breakdowns do not occur.

BWSC helps ensure your plant’s reliability and performance through our electrical services. In addition, we can offer detailed technical surveys and studies of your site, identify issues and suggest viable solutions such as 1:1 replacement or a transition to more renewable energy solutions, depending on the case. 

We work with:

  • High voltage GIS and AIS substations and transformers
  • Medium voltage equipment and systems
  • Low-voltage equipment and systems
  • Automation systems

BWSC takes pride in ensuring the safety and accessibility of your plant by:

  • Delivering a detailed on-site technical survey report and recommendations on the best technical solution
  • Engineering, supply, erection, test, commissioning and project management.
  • Upgrade or lifetime extension of obsolete equipment such as AVR, synchronizer, control systems, breakers and protection relays
  • Inspection, servicing and repair of existing electrical equipment such as generators, switchgear, transformers, and auxiliary equipment
  • Troubleshooting operational problems, including trip and root cause investigation, protection equipment setting, transformer oil DGA and more

Electrical Services

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Selected References

Electrical upgrades, Denmark

Facility: Vestforbrænding Power Plant

Scope: Major replacement of some of its electrical distribution systems, which are connected to the 10 kV ring

Completion: 2021

Test of MV protection systems, United Kingdom

Facility: Cramlington Biomass Power Plant

Scope: Electrical tests on all Medium Voltage protection systems

Completion: 2022

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