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Nukissiorfiit replacement of engine to extend lifetime and improve efficiency

09 Feb 2024

BWSC has been a key player in Greenland’s energy infrastructure since its early days, as part of its legacy initially as B&W Contractor. Now, we are excited to share that in the final quarter of 2023, BWSC signed a contract with Nukissiorfiit, the public utility company in Greenland, for a lifetime extension of the combined heat and power plant in the town of Aasiaat.
The project involves the removal of an obsolete diesel-generator unit, making way for the hauling and installation of a new MAN genset, provided by Nukissiorfiit, which will result in improvement in plant performance and availability.
The comprehensive upgrades also include modifications to the foundation and balance of plant, i.e., heat exchangers, pumps, piping, ventilation, VLT´s, instrumentation, cabling, noise enclosure etc., as well as an upgrade and adaptation of the existing Siemens S7 control system. This entire process is managed seamlessly as a turn-key operation, covering engineering, equipment supply, installation, and final testing and commissioning of the plant. 
The project is based upon contemporary technology and will contribute to improved plant performance and availability.
The contract, effective from mid-December 2023 and valued at approximately 16 million DKK, commenced execution last month.

Aasiaat power plant

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