Green Energy Solutions

Green Energy Solutions

Technology areas we serve

  • Hydrogen & e-fuels (Power-to-X)
  • Carbon capture
  • Biogas
  • Hybrid solutions
  • Energy storage
  • Fuel conversions

In renewables, exciting technologies such as electrolysis, carbon capture, and energy storage are placing new demands on facility design, operation and maintenance.

At BWSC, backed by a wealth of engineering talent and more than 40 years of energy facility experience, we work with customers in Europe and beyond to tackle energy storage, carbon capture, Power-to-X and related energy transition challenges.

Through plant- and grid-related consulting, engineering, project contracting, operation and maintenance services, we help our customers clarify their ambitions, design and arrange their facilities optimally, operate and maintain them cost-effectively, and meet project timelines and budgets.

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Maibritt Mastrup
Head of Green Business Solutions

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