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02 Nov 2023

At BWSC, we are dedicated to nurturing young talent, so we maintain a close relationship with Maskinmesterskolen København, a school for marine engineering education.
We believe their students represent the future of engineering in Denmark, and we often welcome them as interns or full-time employees at our company. Therefore, we invest in their learning and ensure they are provided with the right support to further their education.
As part of our initiative to develop young talent, we sponsored study trips to Spain and France earlier this October, to enrich these students’ educations with opportunities that allowed them to apply their theoretical knowledge onto real-world, practical scenarios.
Last week, we got to hear about their newfound insights and experiences, as we had the pleasure of welcoming two classes to our Allerød HQ office. During this visit, we shared with them the work we do at BWSC and discussed its relevance to the practical learnings they acquired on their study trips abroad.
BWSC this year has sponsored a total of 7 classes on trips not just to Spain and France, but also to other countries such as Hungary, Czech Republic and Iceland. Every half a year, we receive the recently travelled students, which is always very exciting for us, and we cannot wait to hear about next year’s trips.
Sound interesting to you? To learn more about our student opportunities, visit our student page found here.

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