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Efficient boiler and overheater repair

23 Nov 2023

In the early morning of week 46, we received an urgent call from one of our esteemed clients operating Waste-to-Energy plants in Zealand. Upon hearing that they were facing a forced boiler shutdown due to damage in the boiler wall and overheater, our dedicated team at BWSC swiftly responded and arrived onsite on the same day, by 15:00 hours.

The repair process was executed with precision by our expert Boiler Field Service group, that simultaneously addressed issues in the boiler wall and overheater. Thanks to their efficiency and expertise, we are pleased to announce that the boiler was successfully repaired and underwent non-destructive testing, earning our client’s satisfaction.

The entire repair operation was completed in record time, allowing the boiler to restart smoothly by 20:00 hours, on the same day. This operation is an example that attests to our dedication to our clients and our commitment to excellence in all we do.

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