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BWSC and PJ Diesel Engineering collaborate to accelerate circular economy within remanufacturing of engine components

11 Feb 2022

BWSC and PJ Diesel Engineering (PJDE) have signed a strategic cooperation agreement where we aim to utilize each other’s network and technical competencies to promote the remanufacturing of engine and turbocharger components.

As both companies are working in the energy and maritime businesses, we choose to undertake the role of encouraging ourselves and our stakeholders in taking concrete actions to reduce CO2 emissions and extend the lifetime of components supported by a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). 

We take actions to constantly improve our compliance with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) including Environmental Social & Governance (ESG) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

“It has always come as natural for BWSC to recycle and refurbish components when possible and cater to the client’s requests and satisfaction. To comply with an increased demand for remanufactured component alternatives and global demand for carbon reduction, it has, for us, been common sense to take extra steps and initiatives toward transparency in promoting this approach.”

Flemming Juel Jensen, BWSC – Senior Vice President Global Service

BWSC A/S and BWSC Panama will offer and recommend PJDE’s manufacturing services as an alternative to utilizing new spare parts and major components when we need to send components for manufacturing. PJDE will do the same regarding BWSC’s manpower and engineering services, as well as for our workshop’s capabilities in Panama.

With our workshop’s capabilities for engineering, overhauls, and service for turbochargers and engine components in Panama, we service the Pacific and the Atlantic, the Panama Canal, and the Americas. 

To be aligned with our strategy and business areas, we have targeted specific product segments to promote such as turbochargers, fuel equipment, engine parts, governor, and control parts.


A circular economy mindset to benefit the entire supply chain

Our vision is simple: Make decisions the best way possible to reduce the carbon footprint of our operations and make a proactive impact on the environment and our partners.

Remanufacturing is a viable option, which extends the lifetime of an engine component, preserve natural resources, with a documented carbon reduction. The increased service life benefits the environment and reduces maintenance costs without compromising application reliability.

Specific parts can be remanufactured several times, before reaching the end of their useful service life. Providing sustainable alternatives also implies costs savings up to 60%, while maintaining the same durability for a full overhaul cycle.

“Together we can renew the way of thinking and encourage remanufacturing and recycling practices. For many years, our industries have embraced the idea that only new components were viable, and this has been the general standard combined with availability. This is the mindset we are trying to change. New is not necessarily better. The “old and usual way” of doing things is not always an optimal solution for the clients, the components, nor the environment. A remanufacturing alternative is not only good business but also the future. Access to the best of both worlds – new and remanufactured when required.” says Anne-Mette Elsborg, CEO, PJ Diesel Engineering A/S

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