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26 Oct 2023

Looking for an exciting way to wrap up your studies? We have quite the story!

Two students from the Copenhagen School of Marine Engineering and Technology Management are embarking on the last stretch of their bachelor’s education – and they have chosen to collaborate with BWSC. Their destination? A legacy client’s plant in the Caribbean.

They will be helping our client solve an ongoing struggle with waste oil coming from power generation, a pressing issue that demands eco-friendly and cost-efficient disposal solutions. In the search for innovative answers for this challenging task, the students have set sail to a beautiful Island in the Caribbean for a field trip. Quite the way to do your bachelor’s thesis, right?

This is not a unique case at BWSC. For years, BWSC and the Copenhagen School of Marine Engineering and Technology Management have fostered a fruitful partnership. We offer the talented marine engineers of this school the opportunity to dive into technically challenging projects for their thesis, and the discovered results often translate into real-world implementations.

After a successful thesis defense, many launch their professional careers with BWSC, and let their unique skills and interests pave the way for their future. Some stay and continue to be an integral part of our mission, while others venture out to other major Danish players, who share our vision of striving for Net-Zero, driving the green transition and creating a sustainable future for all.

You can read more about our student opportunities here.

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