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Prioritize fire safety and prevention with BWSC

22 Sep 2023

Many businesses in emerging markets, despite facing complex challenges, are resolute on their transition towards greener energy. However, today they face increased pressures from insurance companies, that emphasize the need for risk mitigation on existing power generation assets, which calls for increased investments in safety and prevention. At BWSC, we want to help companies meet these new standards effectively.
In August, we completed the installation and testing of a fire suppression system upgrade at a legacy clients’ plants in the Caribbean, replacing the existing foam suppression system with a new manual deluge water spray fire suppression system featuring a supplemental F-500 encapsulating agent. This agent not only improves fire safety and heat absorption, but it is also a biodegradable solution, and so it is environmentally friendly.
Nowadays, technological advancements like this are essential for existing power plants and often the key to persuading insurance companies to provide coverage. This has been a trend across many markets, regions, and technologies, where we witness special importance being given to this fire safety and prevention, as well as other things such as cybersecurity due to the introduction of the new NIS2 regulations.
If you are looking to future-proof your power plant, BWSC is here to support you. Let’s collaborate for a safer, greener, and more resilient future. Contact us today.
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